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We are live face to face (almost!) in schools

Plus masks and visor and a lot more distancing than in this pic Martin Riley for Alive & Kicking is in school right now with our Victorians workshop.

Frederick the Fisherman working with the MA in Drama and Creative Writing in Education at Leeds Beckett University

Thank you so much for running the fantastic session for our MA Drama students. It was wonderful to hear about the projects that Alive and Kicking Theatre have undertaken since lockdown and the ways in which you have used online platforms to continue to explore stories so innovatively with schools.
Your expertise at bringing 'Fredrick the Fisherman' to life online and the multiple ways in which you bring the audience and children into the story was exhilarating. Our students learned so much about integrating curriculum through story and the importance of democratic learning.

Lisa Stephenson
Course Leader MA Drama & Creative Writing in Education


Black History Month and beyond

Fourteen primary schools are now using our Windrush education pack. If you would like to be number 15 please email aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com
Here's the link to the trailer on vimeo  https://vimeo.com/451534782

Windrush for schools trailer

If you would like to think about booking our online Black History Month video ......

Here's the link to the trailer on vimeo  https://vimeo.com/451534782

Parenting in a Pandemic

Will families be able to repair a boat like this to escape to a new homeland? In a series of webinars for The Bright Start Foundation John Mee is to help parents prepare to make a fictional journey to an imaginary world with their children. A family friendly, easy to follow guide into the world of play in which mothers, fathers, grandparents, carers and family friends will be helped to make stories, invent characters, go on adventures, face dangers and celebrate their victories!
Following on from Parenting In A Pandemic John will be creating two masterclass webinars to be held online for education and arts workers in which he will examine drama’s impact in early childhood. 
In Drama in Early Years Settings John will explore ways into building drama together by examining features of the drama process and the processes that link drama and play using a number of video-clips of working with young children around themes such as Journeys.


Our twitter feed is now live at the bottom of our home page. Hooray!

Open air theatre in Leeds July 30

By invitation only because of social distancing we are able to invite groups of families with primary school children to our open air safely distanced storytelling on July 30. If you would like to be invited please contact us via aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com

Windrush Day video now online!

Here's the links that will take you to the Windrush Day video  https://vimeo.com/430443822  and https://youtu.be/t-uVX7mGuwg

Windrush day

Online on June 22, Windrush Day, Alive & Kicking’s Trish Cooke, award winning author and dramatist of Dominican heritage, will be reading an excerpt from her book, Mammy Sugar Falling Down, which tells the story of a young girl leaving her home in the Caribbean and coming to live in England. Watch the website and social media to see the links.

A Rescue for Frederick The Fisherman

Stop Press! Frederick the Fisherman from Filey has been rescued from the clutches of The Blue Men of Bridlington by some of the youngest children from Chapel Allerton Primary School. Here's their poem ..

To the Blue Men Of Bridlington
At my dock on the beach in Filey
We won’t be using poison or potion but let him free please

To the blue men who live in the ocean
We won’t be using poison or potion
Our friend can’t survive under the sea
So we’re asking you to set him free
Just let you know 
You have to let him go!
Our jolly friend cannot swim
So do not do anything bad to him.
If you'd like to help Frederick email aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com