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People We Work With

We pay tribute to Carry Franklin who died recently.
Thank you Carry for the brilliant times.
Gawain And The Green Knight as Lady Bertelak the enchantress 
As the Storyteller in The Storyteller Who Lost Her Stories 
Granny in Granny’s Underground Garden loving the children in her special way
With such style and facilitator’s skill as Lorraine de Lisle, the Ambassador of Lyonesse
In The Museum of Untold Stories as Nancy Cauldron - found in a cooking pot and brought up in a scrapyard.
Carry ...You who turned us all into artists, you with your paper and felt tipped pens, who turned us into co-counsellors with the “checking in”, you who can grasp anarchy in one hand and order in the other, you the hippy executive, seer and scholar, educator and inspirer, astrologer and administrator, passionate advocate of pure reason and practical strategy, wild woman of the forest, form, function and freedom  – always the artist always holding contradictions, always challenging: fire and ice, anger and moderation, tough love and pure kindness. We will miss you making sense of our meetings and we will miss you bringing life to our creations.
Anthony Haddon  
Anthony is a freelance theatre director, writer and performer who has worked with Alive And Kicking for a number of years. Anthony has brought his unique style to Marvellous Monarchs, Cinderella and Lighthouse Island as well as working with us in a mentoring and advisory role after his many years of working in schools locally, nationally and internationally. 
Richard Ormrod 
Richard has worked as a musician and actor with Alive and Kicking since 2005. He plays piano, sopranino/soprano/alto/tenor/baritone saxophones, guitars, drum kit, accordion, steel pan, vibraphone, congas, concert & alto flutes, hammer dulcimer, trombone, Eb/Bb/alto/bass/contrabass clarinets, flugelhorn, bouzouki, tenor horn, double bass, Hammond organ, ukulele, and many more...
He is Musical Director of both the Jam Factory Community Orchestra in Blackburn and Dales Jam Community Orchestra in Skipton as well as continuing to run the RAMjam project for musical children in Craven. 
Richard leads the Jazz department of the Music 4 People Summer School, held each year in Giggleswick. 
Richard is the Richard is an enthusiastic community musician and teacher, believes that musical practise is good for all people, at any level, and is dedicated to de-mystifying musical processes and untangling musical misunderstandings.
Richard has appeared on BBC radio's Jazz on 3 and Jazz on Request, and has composed for the West Yorkshire Playhouse's programme of children's theatre as well as independent film and theatre. He is a member of parlour trio Schwa with Peter Spafford & Jacqui Wicks, and runs The ReDiffusion All-Stars, playing music off the telly. In 2012 he was proclaimed Jazz Yorkshire's Musician of the Year, a title he has never been asked to defend.
We also work with:-
Louise Clark 
Kathryn Hanke
Simone Lewis
Lisa Miller
Vivienne Hughes, producer and fundraiser
David Cartwright 
Set/Prop Designers: Emma Williams and Jonny Dixon
Musician and Puppeteer: Kathleen Yore
Photographer: Rob Freeman 
Marketing/Graphic Designer: Dan Booth