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Mordred Le Brat's Box Of Tricks

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is when ever my borther is doing something and I want to do it first and say if we was in a line id say go and ask mum "bla de bla" so when he comes back I say you've lost your space now you can go behing me..
my trick is...... if my sister has a toy that a want i swap it whith another toy which is brock ha ha ha ha ha ha
I remember when Luke was king Arthur and i told him my story about a damsel in disress.Close to the end of the story he ended up cutting the damsels neck. Unfotunately, the story didn,t work out well!!!!!
the king was writing a letter to the maid and when he had finished he went to the loo so i wiped out the page and when he came back he had to start all over again after he had finished for the second time to wash his hands i did it again so he got fed up so he just went to see the maid on foot so when he got back i put them on his table to annoy him haha funny XD !!!!!!!!
my sister was watching tv and i kept on turning it off everytime i did it she looked at me i moved the remot near her then did it again funny lol haha!!!!!!! xD i did this in real life xD
When the cook went to wash his hand`s, I put a big lump of mud in the soup. When they ate it, it stuck to their teeth, and they couldn't get it out.
When the cook went to wash his hand`s, I put a big lump of mud in the soup. When they ate it, it stuck to their teeth, and they couldnt get it out!
the chef had a glass of water he went to the toilet i put herbs i squeesed lemons lime in i hid he drunk it he started coking
I threw burning oils over the guards... haha!
the kings peptatoe peeler was washing the peptatoe's and I CHUCKED some soap and some water all over the pepatoes and they ate them all HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The kings maid was cleaning up and while she was getting some more polish, I put mud on the cloth and all of the walls were covered in mud! AAH! screamed the maid.
you could put a snake in a bed when king aurther is haveing dinner
Trip the king up!
Put paint on the floor so they slip over and get a fat belly full of paint!
I crept into the kichen and the cook was making some soup for the king when the cook turned around I put some salt and vinegar and when the king had some soup he fired the cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA HA HA HA
Why don't you put an egg on the doorstep and write on it 'do you love me?'
I was in my friends house, and his dad was reading a book. Every 5 mins i turned the light off. Everytime i turn the light off, he screamed like a girl !!!! funny, right? haha :)
Put water in king arthurs room so he could slip!
I put mud near the stairs - the knight fell and then they get a sore bottom!
I was waiting at the top of the castle for someone to walk past and then SPLASH! I threw hot water on the maid!!! HAHAHA!
I crept into the ladies room and stamped,threw,kicked,cut and most importantly spat on them.And so I hid behind the curtains and watched the ladies reaction. P.S Don't tell them I stole some of there jewelry but if you do I might put a trick upon you to!!!
I crept into the chefs kitchen and tuned the chicken up very high and when he came back from serving the plates it was burning but he didnt know until he opend up the oven and it was buning and there was smoke everywere so he said i cant belive it he went mad and also said i need that chiken for the party it was going to be made for the gests what shall i say to them. you should of seenn there face
I asked a night if he would like a cup of tea. Then he said yes and insted of putting sugar in the cup i put salt in the cup and gave him it and he screamed. You should of seen his face!!!! I laughed and laughed.Ha Ha Ha
THE SALTY PORRIDGE TRICK VICTIM: THE CHEFS PLACE: THE CASTLE KITCHENS I, Mordred, the choirboy from Hell, crept into the kitchens. The chef that was making porridge went over to check on the garlic bread, so I put bucketloads of salt in the porridge. One of the Chefs even test-tasted it afterwards! HEEHEEHEE!
When king Aurthur's gorgeous wife is doing her makeup she forgets her foundation so she leaves the room to get her foundation ,while she is gone Mordred goes in the room and puts glue in the steaming red lipstick,she comes back and puts her foundation and lipstick on,suddenly she rubs her juicy red lips together,she screams in despair because her lips are stuck tightly together,she stomps out of her room wondering who could have done it....
The healthy strong King arthur (Jonathan) was getting in his luxurious shower and a mean boy (Luke) took his armour then he went to find the person. he got fed up and came back and what a shock it was on the floor!!!!!! Jonathan&Luke
Hello John, Carry and Peter, I really enjoy you coming in to work with us. Me and my friend Amy really enjoyed doing the tricks. :-)
King Arthur (Holly) was getting dressed when she went to go get her shoes I (Elle) went and stole her clothes and put dead fish all over the floor.
WARNING DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! When king arthur went to the toilet mordred poisend his potato. we did this by drama
King Arthur was getting ready for his wonderful celebration,he was admiring his new crown. Suddenly he remembered he had forgot his coulerful cloak, he went to go and find it. Mordren emerged from behind the crooked door and took King Arthurs precious crown and silently hid back round the door. King Arthur elegantly skipped back into his room, then he realised the crown was gone !! He was FURIOUS he screamed at the top of his voice, "Who has stolen my crown ?" He marched out of the room he was as fierce as a wild lion !! This is one of Mordreds tricks.
On someones wedding day the stupid Hell Boy stole the ring and threw it in a far far away river.
When King Arthur (Nicholas) was asleep. I (Destiny) crept into his room and put a mouse trap in his sock drawer and his face was humorous !
Mordred crept up behind King Arthur and slipped a snake down the back of his collar.
1. get a chiciken 2. get a chilly 3. get a pile of mud 4. get some ded worms 5. and stuff it all in the chiciken
King arthur was singing.And i crept into the room and got his microphone and changed it to one that explodes and that frogs come out of and you should of seen his face it was halliorous.
1. find some pepper. 2. find some chillies 3. buy a chicken from an old woman in the village 4. Put the pepper and chilli in the chicken. 5. Give it the Queen for dinner! Hee hee hee
The making a roast pork come to life trick. While the chef had gone to get some salt and pepper for the roast pork I used my wicked look to make it come back to life again! It squealed and ran all over the floor!!The chef must have got a major shock!! I think It didn't get very far with the raost pork, Ha Ha!!!
THE PEPPER IN THE WINE TRICK. VICTIM: King Arthur. PLACE: The Grand Hall. METHOD: 1. Borrow a leather pouch, put a rat in a box and creep into the kitchen where the cooks will be going crazy trying to get Christmas dinner ready. 2. Steal some meat from out of a pie. 3. Feed the meat to the kitchen guard dog under the table, that will make him your friend and keep him quiet. 4. Watch out for Gwendoline Gasgrumple the Head Cook because if she catches you she will whack you with her stirring spoon and it is huge and hard. 5. The pepper will be in the grinding bowl next to the stew because she always puts oodles in it to hide the taste of the rotty bits. 6. Let the rat out of the box and while the cooks go crazy trying to catch it, leap out from under the table, pour the pepper into the pouch, and run like mad with it towards the door, grabbing a tray full of tarts on the way. 7. Walk into the Grand Hall with the tray full of tarts. If some knight asks you stupid questions like, “Oi – where are you going with those tarts, Mordred Le Brat?” you say “These are The King’s tarts, made especially for him by the Queen and I will defend them from any knave who tries to steal them.” 8. As soon as everyone is out of the way eat the tarts and look for King Arthur’s place at the Round Table. Even though it is round it’s easy to spot because a) It has a big wooden throne with a crown carved on it and a big soft cushion for his tender royal bottom. b) There is a fancy jewelled goblet on the table unlike all the other wooden ones. c) There is a little name tag with Arthur Pendragon scribed on it. 9. Put all the pepper in the goblet – best not to waste any. 10. Get out of the way quick but when it comes to dinner time and the servants fill up the goblet with wine and the King takes a big mouthful – remember to look shocked when he spits it out and gets really angry. 11. When he blames you, look sweet faced and hurt and ready to burst into tears. 12. If that doesn’t work or you get grabbed by Lancelot shout. “Mum! Mum! They’re picking on me again. I never did it, honest!”