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The Scissors & The Plaits

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One day Bob was walking to his friends house he felt thirsty and stopped to have a drink from a well.He put his scissors on the side of the well but they slipped of the side and into the well.Bob tried and tried to get them but they had gone in to deep,.suddenley Bob fell into the well.After 3 days Bob felt dehydrated after 3 weeks Bob looked like scary Mary.50 years later Tia and Zoe where picking berries they went to the well to wash the berries "we wish for 3 more wishes"they said.A hand came out of the well and a voice said "HELP" Tia and Zoe pulled up the person the well exploded and the ghost jumped out cutting of the girls hair with the scissors
One day, Bob was on the way to his friends with some scissors. On the way, he stopped at a well. He put his scissors on the well. SPLOSH!!! He tried to get them but he fell in. 50 years later, he decided to cut off his own hair and eat it! He choked to death... Two little girls stopped at the wishing well and made a wish for three more wishes. A ghost popped out! He cut off their hair and ate it. The girls ran off and never went near the well again. The End.
One day bob was on his way to his friends house to lend him some scissors for some art and craft thing on his way he felt thursty and so he stopped by a well to get a drink. So he put his scissors on the side and bent down to get a drink. whilst he was getting a drink his scissors fell down the well he tried to get them but they went to far and he fell down with them. he didn't have any help
One day Bob was helping a friend because his friend did'nt have scissors so he was being a good friend.He was thirsty so he saw a well so wanted a drink so he put his scissors on the side suddenly pow his scissors fell in "oh no" said Bob so he reached down but he went to far and he fell in the well.He sank put popped up up again Five day later Bob looked dehydrated after a week he looked like scarery mary.He was so hurgry that he ate his own hair he chocked to death on his own hair.... Fifthy years later Zoe and Charlotte where picking some berries then they saw a well zoe said to charlotte "what shall we wish for three more wishes"nice thinking zoe said calmly.Amazingly they heard help they did help but the ghost jumped out of the well. The ghost chopped the girls hair off.After that the ghost possessed Zoe. "Hello, let's go home and play". "There is something not right, I wish to know the truth" said Charlotte.Zoe sicked out the ghost. The ghost used his second vital wish. "I wish I could go back in the girls body." " Let's go home". Charlotte used her last wish." I wish you were the person you were before.""Blaahh." The person that was dead was dead no more.
One sunny day Bob was going to his freinds house. On the way he saw a well so he stoped he was so hot. So he had a drink by the well suddenly he fell in. Bob was hungry so he dicided to cut his own hair of and eat it.50years later Zoey and Charlotte skipped to the well to wish for 3 more wishes.Out came a ghost and cut the girls hair off.
One day, a girl called Zoe,was walking,walking to a cave.She then went into the cave to explore.She walked for 10 miles,and kept walking.It was 10 PM and she was still walking. Then an odd sound came,and a ghost cut off Zoes hair. "AAAHHH!"yelled Zoe. "YYYEEESSS!"yelled the ghost. Then,the ghost choked,and Zoe ran away. "ZOE!WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?!"shouted Zoes Mum. "Nothing"said Zoe. THE END
One sunnny bright summer day two best friends called Maryam and Marina were skipping in the creepy woods.They went off to pick berries in a old dusty basket. They picked a couple of berries the last one was dirty."Marina" shouted Maryam." Look at this one it is dirty my Mum says that if a berrie turns dirty that means something bad is going to happen." said Maryam. Slowly the berry started to burst."AAAHHH" screamed the two girls. Out of the berry came a GHOST with a rusty pair of scissors and cut the girls hair off. He did that becase was very hungry he ate one plait and throwed the second plait in the wood becase he wasn't the only one how was hungry he had a friend as well. The girls ran home in tears. There mum was very very angry... The End!!!
Bob was on his way to his way to his friends house with a pair of scissors to do a project. He decided to get a drink from a well ,he put the scissors on the side.SPLASH!!! His scissors fell in,he reached for them, SPLASH!!! He fell in too. After one day he looked dehydrated but after a week he looked like Scary Mary. Fifty years later Zoe and Charlotte were picking some berries, they washed them at the well.They wished for three more wishes. They heard a noise ,they pulled the ghost out, Poof the well smashed into tiny pieces. The ghost chopped off their hair and ate it. He shouted, "JUST LIKE BEFORE." He jumped into Charlotte, he said "lets go home and play." Zoe used the first wish that was, "I wish to see the truth." The ghost came out of Charlotte, the ghost used the second wish that was, ""I wish to go back into the girls body." Wush he went back into her body. Zoe found out that he was a man then Zoe used the final wish that was "I wish you were the man you were before." He screamed, "I AM WHOLE AGAIN."
One day there was a man called Bob. He had some scissors and he dropped them in a wishing well. He tried to catch them but he fell down into the wishing well. Then he turned into a ghost because he was eating his own hair and choked to death. 50 years later, Zoe and Charlotte were collecting some berries and they saw a wishing well. They wished for three more wishes and they saw something in the wishing well and something was asking for help. Zoe and Charlotte pulled the ghost up from the well and the ghost leaped out and chopped the girls hair off and ate it, just like before! The ghost jumped in to Charlotte's body and the ghost then began to control her. Zoe said "I wish to see the truth". Then the ghost leaped out of Charlotte's body and then he he shouted "I wish to go back into your body" and he did. And Zoe shouted "I wish you were the person you were before". The ghost then turned into a real man and Charlotte vomitted him up! The two girls scream and run. The man shouted "I am whole again!" The End.
One day a man was going to his friends house to give him some scissors for an art project.On the way he was feeling thirsty so he stopped at the well put his scissors on the side and leant over to get the bucket.Whilst he was leaning he knocked the scissors in,he tried to get them but they fell in and so did he.He was in there one day before he decided to cut off his hair with the scissors and eat it.It only took ten seconds before he choked to death and turned into ghost.Fifty years went by with the ghost sat at the bottom of the well until one day.Two girls called Zoey and Charlotte came and made a wish,the ghost burst out of the well and chopped off he girls hair and ate it.The ghost went into the girls body and said''lets go home and play".Charlotte was confused and used her first wish to see the truth.The ghost leaped out of Charlotte's body bt wished to go back into the girls bodyand he did.Charlotte realized the ghost was once was a person so she wished the ghost as who he was before.So it happened the ghost screamed "Iam whole again" As the girls ran awy in terror!
Bob was walking to his friends house to give him sissors for a art project.He dicided to go to the well for a drink.He put his sissors down. SPLASH!!!!! The sissors fell in the well but he went to far.He fell in as well after a day he was starving. A week had pasted Bob looked just scary Mary...He dicided to cut his hair off. He cut his hair off and said "just like before".A minitue later he started to choke on his own hair. Then he slowly started to turn into a ghost.50 years later two girls called Zoey Charlotte were picking berries.They skipped to the well to make a wish.We wsh for three more wishes we wish we can see a ghost.In a flash the the ghost came out of the well and cut off the girls hair off and ate it.He sprung into Zoey body. The second wish was I wish. to see the truth said Charlotte. So the the ghost came out the the girls body . Charlotte threw up . The next wish was I wish the ghost will be his self again. So he was. "I am whole again."
One day they were two girls and they were playing with their magic stones , a girl called Aimee through hers in the air "Weeeee!" ... it went into the next door neighbours garden... but you dont know why she was sceared , she was sceared because they were a undesturbab;le women who doesnt like being disturbed! "Arghhh!" they both tiptoed into the garden there hands went to the stone when she came out , "Come here ill give you it!" "Nooo!" screamed Phoebe she pulled a face "Okay, phoebe come too!" "Okay!" she took out a pair of siccures and cut their haai flipped off! thank you fro reading had a brilliant time when you came! xx
Once upon a time there were to princess called Sophie and Zuzanna.We went outside and we saw a witch so we ran and ran around the garden when the witch got them the time changed to the world war one.When a man told us we need to have short hair to do the fight so we just cut our hiar with the magical scissors and we beat the witch and she put us safly to our times.
One day 2 girls called Scarlet and Rachel were walking home from school. Scarlet and Rachel went up stairs and looked over to their next door neighbours magical garden. There were lots of roses, the 2 girls checked if anyone was looking. No one was looking. It was the dead of night they fell of the big wall “BANG” the 2 girls landed on their bottoms. “That hurt” said the girls when they hit the concrete. The 2 girls went to chop the biggest rose attached to the side of the mansion, the wizard came and chopped of the girls beautiful hair because they had magical dust on their beautiful hair. The wizard put their hair on the flower to warn off the other kids/children and adults or teenagers. The girls went home and told their parents, their parents told the girls off and their dad threw the wizard in the street and they took the wizards mansion. “Dad, this house is awesome” said Rachel and twin scarlet . Scarlet and Rachel finally got to pick the red rose and they lived happily ever after apart from they got grounded.. but it was worth it all along.
One day Maisy and Abbie were walking home from school on a very thundery day when they saw their neighbour Rachel. It took a while to get home. At the dinner table they asked their mum and dad if they could go in the garden, but their parents said “No, it is too dangerous.” When their mum and dad went to bed, they snuck outside into the garden to get the biggest rose. A wizard came to chop of their hair “ You deserved that” he said . “Mum! Dad! Someone cut off our hair!” “ You are grounded for 3 years!’’ Three years later, they went back and made friends with the wizard and got the rose.
One day two girls called Anna and Libby were walking home from school and saw a garden with lots of flowers and a big rose with a stick around it. They went home. The next day they went in the garden and grabbed some scissors. A minute later they found some blueberry’s and saw the rose and tried to cut it and “snip snip” the wizard cut off their hair. After that they told their mum they got grounded for 6 months.
I was walking back from school and we saw a lovely garden. So we climbed over the big wall there are big red roses and peas and black berries . Lily said “look over there it’s a witch” and she pointed in her direction. “Why are you in my lovely garden?” Said the Witch. “ We just wanted to have a look .” Replied Lily. “OH!” said the witch, “I see” The witch quickly chopped their hair off. Both girls run away as fast as their legs can carry them. “This will go with my collection, so don’t come BACK !” The witch cackled. The girls went to see mum and dad, they explained that they went in the next door garden and a the witch chopped off their hair. “I am so mad” said mum “I don’t believe you” said dad “if you don’t believe us come and see!” Cried the girls, mum and dad followed them. They climbed back over the wall to see the witch. “Why are you back? The witch said crossly. Please can you hold your hand out side dad. Ok side the which so she held her hand out and she fell to the ground now we live there
One day 2 girls were walking home from school and on the way back from school there were a pretty, beautiful garden. In that garden there were a big, big rose .so they thought lets go get that rose .They were just about to cut the rose when a wizard popped up and cut the 2 girls beautiful long hair one of the girls hair were blond and the a the other girls hair were brown. Then they raced to their house and there mum was cooking there tea and there mum said puzzled “why is your hair so short “one of the girls replied “we’ve been in our new next door neighbours’ garden were sorry we only wanted the rose. There parents said “I don’t believe you” the children said “come over here then” there dad said “ok” then they follow the 2 girls then there parents saw the rose then they thought I want it. Then they talked to the wizard and he is not going to do that again.
One fine day 2 little girls climbed over a wall on their way back from school. All they saw was beautiful flowers and glowing bushes with berries on them. The girls where amazed of what they saw. They went to get the rose that they dreamt about but *chop* the girls hair was chopped off. They ran to their mum and she looked very, very cross. She looked madder than ever. Just then she went into the garden and bashed the wizard and had a battle and the wizard was DEAD! But the girl where very sad they said goodbye to their brown plated hair and blond plated hair and they said they will never go in the garden again but mum said “well are lives will go on”. So the next day they went to school and whoever they walked past they laughed.
Long ago in a land far from ours two well bheaved children were in their garden picking flowers for their Mum when suddenly a queer voice nearby said, "Eat me!" The two children Bill and Bobby satyed absolutely still petrified when the same voice shouted, "Eat me now!" This time they looked over to the direction of the noise and saw a mushroom, but not just any type of mushroom, a talking one! The kids went closer and whispered to each other, "There's only on thing to do." The mushroom suddenly shouted, "EAT ME!!!" So the children ate it but they didn't know what the mushroom would do. In the morning the kids could not believe their eyes. Bill had grown a long beard and Bobby had gronw two long plaits and they had grown into giants and smashed their house up. The two giants ran up the hill and decided to build a castle on top of the hill. Eleven years later the giants came back down the village to stand on all the houses, two other children called Danny and Sarah decided to make a plan to do up to the giants castle with a pair of scissors and see what would happen if they cut the giants hair off? The two kids sneaked into the castle and saw servants scrubbing the floor. Sarah luckily had a plan, she suddenly sang in the worst voice ever and all the servants ran off holding their ears. They both ran off into the next room where they saw two huge giants snoring on big chairs. The big, ugly, fat as the world giants didn't notice Danny and Sarah so Danny whispered to Sarah, "I'll take the man and you take the woman." Sarah nodded and they started to cnip the giants hair off. When they finished they shouted loudly, "We've done it!" The giants woke up with a start but soon sat down again and said, "Ahhhhhhhh we're shrinking," which they were! When Sarah and Danny got back to the village they went to the hairdressers to put the plaits and the beard on. The people were already having their hair done but as soon as the children came they were just thrown off the chairs. The children were given new footstools which were actually the giants!!! The hairdressers didn't think it was a good idea to put the plaits and beard on but all Danny and Sarah said was, "There's only one way to find out!"
One day in Bouncy Land, there were two kids called Bill and Bobby. And one thing is, they are all ways behaved but today they were not so well behaved. Then they heard a noise - it was a giant talking mushroom and it said "eat me". Bill said "there's only one thing to do, eat me". Over night they grew and grew until their houses smashed. 11 years later the ugly giants were destroying the village..what happened next?
Once upon a time there were two children called Bill and Boby. They were well behaved children until they hered a mushroom say eat me they ate the mushroom. When they sleped over night Bill grew a beard and Boby grew plats. 11 years later Danny and Sara were talking about the giant. "We need some scissors for the school" said Danny. "Leave it to me". Then the giants had an argument. The giants went to the hairdressers and had their hair and beard cut off. Then they started to shrink until they were really small. They ended up being used as footrests which served them right and they never bothered the villagers again.
A few years ago there was a little girl called bobby and a little boy called bill. bill was 8 years old and bobby was 6 years old..they were really good children Until one day they wasent so good.Bobby and Bill lived in a small village,suddenly they grew long hair and a beard because they ate a mushroom in the village. 11 yearsn later a boy and a girl called Danny and Sarah and they were talking about the giants and the mushroom and there mum and dad came and told Sarah and Danny off. Sarah and Danny asked for some scissors and they got them. Sarah and Danny went to the giants castle and Sarah said to Danny ""you might want to close your ears"" ""the giants areas tall as the sky when we cut there hair they will cry"" Sarah and Danny cut there hair and beard off. Danny and Sarah went to the village and saved everybody and the village and then went to the hair dressers. Sarah and Danny got the beard and plaits in and the giants turned into footstooles the end.
Once upon a time there was two well behaved Kids and they heard a noise shouting eat me now Bill said theres only one thing to do eat me now so Bill and Bobby ate the mushroom and while they slept through the night there hair grew through the night. Danny&sarah talked
One day there was a girl and a boy and the boy was 8 and the girl was 6. The boys name was Bill and the girls name was Bobby. They ate a mushroom. When they went to sleep they got bigger and they grew a beard and plaits when suddenly they woke up. They were mad when they woke up and destroeyd a village!
One day they lived a boy and a girl with their mum and their dad they herd a noys It musd be the giants they have come chease us run they
One dat there were two kids and their names were Sarah and Danny, there ages were 8 years old and 6 years old. They lived in a village where there were two giants who had eaten a magic mushroom and grown into a giant. 11 years later the giants destroyed the village because of the mushroom and the people were very scared. Danny and Sarah thought of a plan about what could happen next? Then Danny and Sarah asked their parents for scissors to cut off the giants beard and plaits to get revenge on the giants. They were trying to save the village. Then the chilldren went to the giants castle and cut off their plaits and beard and they started to shrink and Danny and Sarah went straight to the hairdressers. Then they opened the door and had a foot stool which was made of the giants.
One sunny day there were two good children who were going to the chocolate river. But on their way they heard a mushroom yelling "eat me!" So they started eating. They went back home to go to sleep. In the moring their house smashed into pieces and Ben grew a beard and Skye grew two plaits, one was blonde one was brown and they were both tall. Happily all the village were playing out until the giants attacked and two kids survived the attack. The two kids went to go and cut the giants hair and the giants shrunk into kids. The two children begged a local hairdresser to put the plaits and beard on their heads. They wondered what it would be like to eb a giant for the day?
one day there was a magic mushroom growing in a village.In that village there was a boy and a girl called Bill and Bobby,they heard a voice calling "eat me now"there only one thing
One day there were two little kids and they were good but one day they heard a noise and they went to see what it was. It was a mushroom and they ate the mushroom and woke up and they were giants. The church was crushed and the school shattered.
A couple of years ago there lived a magical mushroom and also a boy and girl, they were called Bill and Bobby. One was six and one was eight years old.They lived in a village and they were extremely good until they ate the magical mushroom. Danny and Sarah heard about the giants that were also destroying the village so the village was sad, scared and angry. Danny and Sarah made a secret plan like a detective to cut off the giants beard and one blonde and brown plait. Sarah asked Danny, "where are we going to get the scissors from?" Danny got the scissors from mum and dad. Danny and Sarah crept into the castle of horror but they still went in although Danny was a little frghtened. They went to cut off the beard and plaits and Sarah sang a very bad song to get past the servants. Dannysquealed, "You are such a bad singer!" Danny and Sarah went to the good hairdressers to put on the beard and two plaits and the hairdresser said, "Would you like our new kind of foot rest?" They replied, "yes please!" They put the beard and plaits in and waited for something bad to happen!!!
On sunday Bill and Bobby went to the choclate river, as they were walking they heard a sound saying "EAT ME" so they went to check it out. After that they heard it again so Bill said, "There is only one way to find out". So they ate the mushroom and became giants. 11 years later Danny and Sarah were very upset that Bill and Bobby were destroying their village. They went home and made a plan because the villagers were terrified of the giant. Danny and Sarah asked mum and dad for some scissors to cut paper. They really didn't need to cut paper but to cut off the hair and beard. But Sarah and Danny could not get past the servants so Sarah sang awfully. The servants ran away with their hands over their ears. They cut off their hair and beard and they began to shrink. Danny and Sarah went to the hair dressers and put the beard and the plaits in and the giants were footstools.
A few years ago lived two kids Bill and Bobby. Bill was eight years old and Bobby was six. They both lived in a small village which was covered in mushrooms. One day they heard a sound coming from the mushroom and there it was again saying, "eat me!" So they did one thing, they ate it. Through that night they grew and grew .When they woke up they screamed at each other. Their hair had grown longer. Eleven years later two kids called Sarah and Danny heard all about the mischief that the giants were making. They were not scared at all. Sarah whispered, "we have to think of a plan." "How?" cried Danny. "I've got an idea," screamed Sarah. Sarah and Danny made their way to the giants castle and they didn't like the sightof it. When they entered the giants castle the giants were arguing. Bobby yelled, It was your fault we ate that mushroom." "No it was your fault!" shouted Bill. They both shouted servants and then they went to sleep. The children walked in and they saw the servan,ts working . Sarah whispered "You might want to close your ears." Then she began to sing, "The giants are as tall as the sky when we cut their hair off they will cry." When they got past the servants Sarah cut off Bobbys plaits and Danny cut off Bills beard. They both were relieved to say they'd done it. When the giants woke up they were shrinking. The next day the villagers were having their hair done at the hairdressers while talking about the village. Two minutes after Sarah and Danny walked in the hairdressers got rid of the villagers so that Danny and Sarah could have the plaits put in and the the beard put on. Danny and Sarah tried their new footstools .The giants were the footstools.The End.
Once upon a time there were two kids named Bill and Bobby. They went to a park and they started having a chat saying "I can't wait till we go to the choclate river on the weekend." "We are always good aren't we?" said Bobby. They heard something saying "eat me!" so Bill and Bobby went over into a garage and all of a sudden it was coming from a weird looking mushroom and then they just ate it and at night they started to grow. 11 years later there was a boy and a girl whose names were Danny and Sarah and they lived in a tiny village where it was always quiet until one day it was very loud because of the evil, selfish, horrible giants that destroyed the village. Danny and Sarah talked and they got thier script to look at thier amazing plan. Next they went to ask dad for some scissors and dad said, "Here you go." "We are ready for action," the kids yelled. Sarah and Danny crept to the scary, dull, mysterious castle to cut off the giants hair and beard and when they cut it off the giants started to shrink. Danny and Sarah went to the hairdressers to put the beard and the hair on to see what would happen next? The end.
Long ago lived two children called Bill and Bobby. They were always good children until they ate an old mushroom and turned into two moody giants with long hair and the villagers were soon getting scared of the giants. When they ate the old mushroom their hair grew and they grew a beard .They were not happy in fact they were moody as a king and angry as a shark when he does not get his food. They were always moaning and blaming each other. Sarah was a girl who was always good, she had blonde, brown,l ong hair .Danny was Sarahs brother,he had brown, short hair and green eyes. "we need a plan to stop thease giants!" yelled Sarah. "Yeah I know," explained Danny. So Danny went and asked his mum and dad for some scissors and he handed them to Danny. "Nice one," said Sarah happily. Then they smiled at each other and ran out of the house in a flash. Eventually they saw the giants asleep but the servants were guarding the horrible gaints so Sarah let loose her terrible singing like recorders squeaking. The servants disappeared with the horrible singing. Danny took on the horrible man and Sarah took on the horrible woman. They snipped the plaits and beard and they were going to run but they got caught and started to yell and scream. Everything was quiet and happy and Danny and Sarah were wondering what they would look like with plaits and a beard so they went to the quiet hairdressers to make the biggest mistake of their lives!!!
One sunny day there were two happy children. Suddenly they heard this sound coming from this mushroom. The children were called Bobby and Bill. When Bobby and Bill heard the sound coming from the mushroom they went to investiagte. Eventually they ate the mushroom and they burped. Meanwhile when Bobby and Bill ate the mushroom they became big old nasty giants. Bill had a beard and Bobby hade plaits in her hair.The beard was brown and the plaits were blonde and brown . Danny and Sarah lived in the village that the giants decided to stamp on and they were so angry that they cut the giants beard and the plaits off and the giants began to shrink into a ball. They were walking to the hair dressers after their hard work and thought "I wonder what would happen if I put this beard on?" So they went to the hair dressers and they sat down and Danny asked Sarah if she had seen the footstools before? "It's just your imagination!" answered Sarah.
One sparkling day there were two kids called Bill and Bobby. One saturday evening the two kids were walking to the park but when they got there they saw a massive slide but next to the slide they saw a tiny mushroom, so Bill and Bobby ate the mushroom. Through the night the two kids grew and grew into humongous giants. Eleven awful years past where the giants ate things and stomped on houses. Some of the people were dead and the giants didn't like the people infact they didn,t even like each other.The giants were really angry and they were laughing whilst they destroyed the village, stomping on the heads of villagers. There were two kids called Danny and Sarah and these two kids needed some scissors so they got some scissors out of their house and started towards the giants castle. The two kids chopped off the giants hair and they shrunk. The two kids saved the villadge so every one was pleased. The two kids wanted the hair for themselves so they went to the village and asked the hairdressers to clip it on!
Long ago in a land far from ours two well behaved children were in their garden picking flowers for their mum when suddenly a queer voice nearby said "eat me".The two children Bill and Bobby stayed absolutly still petrified when the same voice shouted at them "EAT ME NOW!" This time they looked over to the direction of the voice and saw a mushroom,but not any kind of mushroom a talking one!The kids went closer and whispered to each other "theres only one thing to do" The mushroom suddenly shouted as loud as people at a football match "EAT ME" So the children ate it but they didn't know what it would do to them.
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