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The Little Frock in The Cage

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The evil Crocket turned the queen's son, William, into a toad. The evil Crocket was given a life imprisonment for doing that. The toad kept on being annoying. Instead, they put him in a cage. The End of the Evil Crocket Who Was Given A Life Imprisonment
A fairy princess was trapped in this big cage and she couldn't get out.
a boy got turned into a tiny ant and a witch made him shrink
Long long ago there was a little girl called Lucy who had special powers. She could turn evil people into dust. .She lived with her mother and father. She lived in a deep dark forest. Lucy's mother and father were very happy with Lucy. One day a very wicked wizard cast a horrible spell on Lucy but he did not do it by himself he did it with evil wizards and witches. He shrunk Lucy and put her in a tall cage and took her in his dungeon. It was dark and very scary in there. Then he said your going to be trapped in my dungeon ha ha ha ha. She felt very afraid. Thirty days later as the the full moon rose in the dark dark sky her powers retuned to her. With all her strength she bent the bars of the cage. Just as she was about to jump out of the cage her gown got caught on the bar and fell back into the cage. Lucy said now where is that evil wizard aha there he is. Look into my eyes then the wizard turned into dust in a flash. Now where are them other evil things because I want to turn them into dust she looked into the evil eyes then they turned into dust. Then Lucy ran home to her mother and father they said Lucy were so happy to see you. We love you so much Lucy. We are so happy you're home.
Once upon a time there was a girl called Lucy she lived with her mum and dad. She had magic powers that turned people into dust. One day an evil wizard heard about Lucy's powers so he said to his guards "Get this girl in the newspaper".So at the time she was most likely to be asslep the guards captured her... When she woke up she found heself in a dirty grey eerie castle.The wizards and witches did a spell on Lucy to make her tiny. After they did that they put her in a gilded cage. The dusty cage was horrible plus she hated the wizard and his cat because it gave her a very bad scratch.The wizard took her powers which she would get back when the full moon rose in 31 days at midnight. When her strength returned she bent the strong bars and escaped from the cage. She caught her dress on the bar and it dropped off into the cage when she jumped. She stared at the wizard. The wizard screamed "nnnnnnoooooo!!!!!!!"as he turned into dust. She stared at the guards and they cried "I dont want to die"!. But they turned into dust too. Then she ran home as fast as her legs could carry her. When she got home to her mum and dad they said "Lucy where have you been"."We have missed you lots". So they lived happily ever after.
Once upon a time there lived an ogre. One day he found a fairy wearing a frock and he wanted the fairy so much he locked her in a cage and took her to his lair. One day there was a flood and the cage got washed away the fairy broke out and they all lived happily ever after. The end.
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