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The Key in the Box

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Once there was a far, far away planet called Zodark that smashed into Earth at 50kms 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 aliens came out all of the humans died after killing 7,000,000,000 aliens that left a key in a box at the bottom of the sea! 100 years later the king alien found a key in a box at the bottom of the sea,after some more aliens came and took the key and found out that it opened the prime minister's door. They went there, opened the door, looked in and there was nobody there...
One brezzy afternoon there was a little girl named Lola and her little sister Kayla. They decided to have an adventure but mum would always say, "Oh no!" she always shreiked. "Its for your own goodok darling!" she shrieked So Lola went to her room and made a plan to escape. She closed her eyes and she was thinking of a hot air balloon to this deep dark cave. Just then she saw a hot air ballon. She called her little sister to come with her. Off they went. "Whoosh!" Went the hot air balloon. Just then it led them to a deep dark cave... They were lots of animals trapped in cages. Kayla didn't like the look of these. "I want to go home." said Kayla. This was very very bad. Mum finished the washing line and shouted, KAYLA! LOLA!" but there was no answer. So mum checked in their rooms and didnt find them. When she entered Lolas room she saw a kaylas dolly left near them windows edge and Lolas drink. She found a spaceship so she went in it and couldn't still find the girls. So she went back home shrieking all day. Lola and Kayla found a box with a key lock. This was very mysterious... "Why is it found here said Kayla?" "Who does it belong to?" They found a scroll and it said woever finds the princess and gets the golden string you will se how it looks like in the box. "Who wrote this?" sa\id Lola. "I dont know!" said Kayla. "Lets find the princess!" said Lola. Just then they heard someone singing i think it was the princess. So the girls kept going and going and saw...... THE PRINCESS. "AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed the princess. "Who are you?"We are the people who are having too find you so the box would open. "What do you need said the princess?" "We need a golden string." said Lola and Kayla. "Ok" Then they both put the string in the hole in the box and it opened. (Beggining Of Story.) Then they both travelled back to their room. In their room was mum with a nasty look. "Where did you go!" shouted mum. "Umm nowhere. "How come you was not in your room reading!" said mum. "Dont know." they both said . They had to clean the toilets sweep the floor and wash up and do all the things they had to do. This was boring. So after they wanted to go back to the princess. They went in the air balloon again. "WHOOSH!"Then they saw princess LilaBell. The box is powerfull hard and majic. They have to try abd put the string in the hole. When they put the string in the hole a shadowy figure swiped Princess LilaBell away. "Oh no!" yelled Lola.. (Middle of the story) Lola and Kayla had to save her. They found the shadowy figure it was a dragon. They gathered some wood and made a fire and put it next to the dragon to burn. The dragon died and they were dancing. They quickly took LilaBell. They put the string in and it glowed and majic appeared and food and lots of sweets. They went home with the key and the box and showed it to mum. "Well dont!" said mum. "What i dont understand?" screechedc Lola. "You left a note so well done!" she said. (End of story)
one day they were to people and they were really poor ,they always wanted to go and meet there grandmother who tells brilliant storys! they kept asking there mother when her mother was down stairs and then she said "I am off shopping be back in half of an houf!" "okay," they both looked at each other wierdly,she said "Dont be up to mischeif!" "We wont," they both swung there coats on shoes on and some food for the journey just in case they get hungry they both followed some rocks becasue there grndmothers last words when she left was "Follow the rocks!" so luke said aha "Grandmother said follow the rocks ! remember?" oh.yes!" said Kerrie, so they did they followed the rocks .They came to a hut which said "keep going dont walk forward!" they said thats grannys house they found a key and it said "this this this this" "what?" said kerrie they opened the door with it and they still had hold of the key and her grandmas kept them forever because there mother got attacked by a monster which were still around!. the End.
Once upon a time there was a little girl called Sophie. One morning she woke up and decided to go out for a walk with her little sister Rosie. They were walking for ages over the hills, through the woods and under caves. They were having such a lovely time until Rosie tripped up, Sophie ran over to where she had fallen and picked her up and checked if she was ok. "What did you trip over Rosie?" Sophie asked her in a worried voice " I don't know!" Cried Rosie, tears streaming down her face. Sophie checked in the place that she fell there was a small wooden old looking box sitting in the place that Rosie had fallen. "Wow!" Exclaimed Sophie "a box I wonder what's inside?.." " shall we check?" Whimpered Rosie. Excitedly they opened the box very gently, inside was a key but this key was not an an ordinary key that you use to open your front door this key was a magic key. Carefully they lifted out the key wondering where it had come from and what it was for. Then they heard a whisper in their ear saying "hello I'm up here. I am fairy blossom and I am the fairy of the woods, and I know who that key once belonged to. It belonged to a wise old man, he must have dropped it. He used to walk these woods every day with his dog Fluffy but then his dog died and he hasn't been seen since. Would you like me to take you to his house children?" The children were so happy and excited that they had seen a real fairy that they didn't even check with each other if they wanted to go they just leaped up and followed fairy blossom through the woods. They arrived at the bottom of a old oak tree at the bottom there was a old wooden door with a huge rusty handle. "Should we knock?" Asked Sophie with a massive grin on her face. "Yes of course" smiled Fairy Blossom. "kNock,knock,knock" there was no answer, " lets try again" said Rosie. "kNock,knock,knock" but there was still no answer so they took they the key out of its box and slipped it into the key hole and all together they closed their eyes and crosed their fingered and turned the key...the door opened!! They crept into the house it smelt of cooking all around them was all sorts of different cakes, jellys, buns, ice creams, pastrys, pies and loads of other delicious things to eat. And there sat at the table was a little old man munching away on a yummy piece of raspberry tart. He looked sad and very lonely "um hello" whispered the fairy " um we found your key and we thought you might want it back?" The old man jumped out of his chair with shock causing his tart to fly half way across the room. " Oh my goodness" he yelled " I wasn't expecting visitors, and wow the key no it carnt be!" Sophie took the box out of her pocked and passed it to the man. He slowly took the box from Sophie's hand and looked inside a warm kind smile quickly grew on his wrinkly face. " my dear do you know I oist that magic key 123 years ago and I haven't left the house since, you see my dog fluffy sadly died and I'm so lonely all I do is sit at home and cook now" his smile slowly turned into a sad frown. "Don't you worry we will be your friends we would love to be" said Fairy Blossom. " oh wow I would love that girls that would make me so happy! Now would you like to come in and have some of my food I'm just in the middle of baking some chocolate chip cookies and they taste lovely when there warm out the oven, would you like one?" He smiled willingly " yes please" they giggled. They stayed for a while eating so much tasty food that they began to feel quite sick so they had to leave and walk home. But don't worry that wasn't the end of seeing the little old man and Fairy Blossom, Sophie and Rosie visited them regularly and the little old man got a new dog who he named sniff who the girls would walk and they all lived happily ever after but the girls still wonder why that key is magic and when they will ever found out?... The End By Shula and Shea :p
A few years ago on the edge of the countryside there was a long street. The street was full of multi-coloured houses. All the gardens were beautiful, some of them even had a pond! Some houses were bungalows, some were ginormous! Inside the houses were lots of rooms some with gold tiles and some with slippery floors! It was the school holiday and John was very bored. “I’m bored” John complained to his Mum. “Go play or something” his Mum suggested. “But it’s raining outside” John sighed. “It’s only a bit of rain” his Mum spoke. John sulked while walking upstairs. John sat in his room so bored he decided to build a robot to play with him! First he built the feet, they were all shiny. After he built his head, he made him have googly eyes. He was doing well until he got to the body he had never made one before. He finished the robot but was still worried about the body. He went to open it but he had lost his key! His heart missed a beat. He listened closely and he heard a beeping. He also heard a timer for 1 hour and 25 minutes! What is inside the robot? “AAA!” John screamed quietly. He didn’t have a clue what it was. “I need to find that key” John thought. He searched high and low for the key. He could not find it anywhere. He was thinking what the beeping could be. He suddenly remembered that he was learning World War II in class. It must have been a bomb! The timer was now 40 minutes. He felt so nervous he was banging his head on the wall. “What am I gonna do?” John thought. Suddenly John had a brainwave if he kicked the body he could smash it open and take out the bomb. He tried that but it didn’t work “Grrrr” John growled in anger. The timer said 2 minutes! He threw the robot out his window and sprinted into his garden. He saw something twinkling on the floor he snatched it from the ground. It was the key. He opened it. He ripped the bomb out and threw it into the empty field across from his house. John walked back upstairs with his Dad to help him fix his body. At tea time he told his Mum and Dad all about it. When he was asleep he dreamt about it! The robot slept at the bottom of his bed!
In a old train carriage in a old junk yard lived a old wizard called Peter. One morning Peter found a magic key that made a portal. The portal took peter to Raving rabbit world and Peter met a Raving rabbit. Peter turns himself into a Raving rabbit for a day. The next day Peter turns back into a wizard and the portal returns and takes Peter home.
One day a girl under the sea lost her magic key that her dad gave her. The person who took it was Akiel the Eel.He was an electric eel that could electricute people.The girl was called Milli she was about to become queen.The key opened........
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