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The Basket and Ring

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Once a upon a time there lived a wicked witch.All he ever wore was black.One day he looked through his spell book to see if there was a spell to turn him into a bird.The witch chanted the magic words.(The words are spoogly,spoogly,spoogly spoog,make me into a bird. All the witch wanted was the diamond encrusted ring which belonged to the princess.One minute the witch put all the ingredients,suddenly,the witch shacked and crackled,the cauldron bubbled.Wings sprouted out of his back,he had become a terrible,horrible crow. Far,far away lived a princess who lived in a ice castle,she was admiring her diamond ring.Unfortunately she had wash the dirty dishes.She slipped of her diamond ring and placed it on the dresser.While her back was turned,there swooped the witch in a bird and took the ring.After she washed the dishes she turned around,looked at her dresser but it wasn't there.She looked all around but still it wasn't there. The king said to the villagers "Ladies and gentlemen,my daughter has something to say to you."He announced.The princess said"Who has got my diamond ring?'' Everyone muttered at each other.There stepped forward a little girl and said"The witch took,I have read stories about him and he can turn into a bird. There stepped the Witch,then said Liar!!!I blame the girl with the little basket" He pointed at the little girl with the little basket. The little girl withe the basket stepped forward looking upset.All the villagers gasped in amazement.After,the witch turned himself to the king and said"My lords it is time for bed. Suddenly everyone fell into a dark sleep,the witch turned himself back into a crow and flew around the villagers and placed in the little girls basket.Then,there came the prince he shouted"I saw you drop the ring in the girls basket"He shouted so loud he woke up all the villagers. Once again he shouted"I saw you drop the ring in the girls basket"he said,the girl stepped forward and the princess commanded the guards to take the witch into the dungeon,the girl gave the girl back her ring and the princess,the prince got married and they lived happily ever after.
One day a lady went for some nice stones for her gareden because she was getting some new things in it . she took her ring off and then put the basket down and picked some new stones . but she went home and frogot about the basket and the ring so when she got home she relisedand set back off again ......... When she got there her ring had gome but the basket was still there but then she saw a dog with it and she carefully gotit out of the mouth and said ," im never going to take my ring of again !" when she got home to eat her dinner what did she do ??????????????????????????????? She took of her ring