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The Mysterious Portrait

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Once upon a time there was a palace with 100 rooms. A queen lived there called Seren who had a secret maid. A wicked stable girl called Clara who was fed up of shovelling horse poo wrote in her secret diary about her plan to sell the queen's horse for £100. But one day she went to do some shovelling and left her diary behind. The Queens maid stole the diary! While the queen was asleep Clara sneaked into her bedroom where a painting hung and cut out the eyes to spy through then went into a secret room to spy! The maid came into the queens bedroom and put the diary on the queens lap, Clara saw! Clara went in when the maid was gone, took her diary, left had a look and realised it was fake! When the queen woke up the maid gave her the real diary and she discovered Clara's wicked plan. She ran to the stables with the maid and shouted 'Stop thief!' However when she looked around the stables she realised Clara had sold the WRONG HORSE! The Queen laughed and then forgave Clara and let her keep her job at the palace. The End!
There was a rich queen, in the castle there was an evil sorcerer who wanted to kill the queen. The sorcerer killed the queen. 14 months ago, the guards put the sorcerer in prison. The guards didn't give any food . When the guards didn't give the sorcerer food. The sorcerer had to die. There was a portrait with smoke, when there was someone walking along the path. He smelled some smoke, first he knocked on the door, there was some smoke coming out from the portrait and then the person grabbed a magic mirror. The person faced the mirror where the portrait was. The smoke is going to the mirror. When the mirror had smoke, it began to explode. The end.
100 years ago a 13 year old girl called Rose was wanting a painting of herself so she could look at herself when she was around herher villa her brother was brillint at painting. Rose's brother loved her dearly so he would make or paint any thing for his little sister When he finished he made able for him to spy on his little sister. theen while one of themaids was cleaning Rose's room she found the secret spying spot and Rose's brother was toast and everyone else partied...!!!!!!
The queen was one of Henry the eighth wives
Once upon a time there was a very rich queen who wanted to put the evil sorcerer into prison. Suddenly, the evil sorcerer grabbed his mighty,diamond sword and chopped the queen's head off, so the guards seized the sorcerer and marched to the dungeons. Eventually, the sorcerer died. But the restless,evil soul of him wandered the castle. When many years passed on, a postman delivered a letter to the rich carpenter, who lived in a small village. Once the carpenter ripped off the outside of the letter, he read the letter. It was an invitation to the ancient castle up the high hill. Meanwhile, a few people down the street, gossiped about rumors of the castle up the hill. One person said "People went there and disappeared but the person who did come back, had driven insane!" The carpenter also knew about the rumors. He was frightened that he might be gone too. When the carpenter arrived at the old castle, he knocked on the dusty door three times. Then the door creaked open by itself. The carpenter crept inside with horror. At his amazement, he saw four dull statues that looked familiar. He admired the statues and the paintings on the wall. One of the portraits behind him, was turning to smoke, and then in a great shock,the sorcerer appeared. The postman was worried about the carpenter so he went to the castle. Just as the sorcerer casted the spell on the carpenter, the postman barged in,got a mirror and the spell bounced back to the sorcerer. Now,the evil sorcerer was locked in the portrait forever. The carpenter, realized he was the owner of the castle, rewarded the postman guest of honour and invited the whole village for a big,big party. All the sorcerer could do was watch them forever.
there was a portrait and know one knew who it was could this be ..,.....THE END