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Luke Dickson

BA Creative Arts (Manchester Met); MA Performing Arts (Leeds) Luke is a freelance performer/actor, drama facilitator and theatre devisor. Luke is a co-Creative Director of AAK.
Luke thinks the use of drama in schools is invaluable, “It gives everyone the opportunity to play their part. Even the smallest contribution can have a big affect.” Luke has worked as a performer and drama facilitator with a range of theatre companies. These Include: Plane Performance, Faceless Theatre Company, Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah, Tell Tale Hearts, The Write Stuff Theatre Of Puppets and Red Ladder. Luke also appeared on TV once in Cold Feet, (somewhere in series three, but don’t blink or you’ll miss him). Luke was in a low budget film called The Spell a couple of years ago playing the part of a Psychiatrist, he is in no way qualified professionally in this field despite feeling his fellow company members could benefit from it if he was. Luke has also written and performed his own one-person shows over the years: Naked Circus, Like A book and The Great Dixoni. “I Love working with people in a variety of environments. I’ve done drama with people in schools, youth clubs, book shops, music festival, parks, woods and prisons. It provides a level playing field. A place where myself, my colleagues and the participants have all come together just for that one event.” Other jobs have included paper-boy, cleaner, bar man and door-to-door sales man - all of which were very insightful, but none of them keepers.