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Lighthouse Island

In this drama, designed as two half day visits for years 2, 3 and 4, we meet Meg the lighthouse keeper down by the harbour. We hear how she makes a living and move into role as the people of Lighthouse Island. 
We talk with the ladies who live on the cliff who tell us stories of the islands.
Together we remember the 100 year storm.  We meet Old Tom and hear of his life as a fisherman. Meg tells us of the way the clouds are shaped which shows a storm is coming. The way the seagulls are flying. The way the boats are rocking. We create songs of courage and we remember ...... the terrible storm .......
The destruction of the lighthouse 
Tom breaking the first rule of the sea
Tom being rescued by the people of Lighthouse Island
The people at the lighthouse keeping the light going
We face helping Tom to regain his courage and his life as a fisherman
and much much more ….
A vehicle for literacy, story making and telling, design and technology, art, music and team building.
"The way you involved all the children, incorporating all heir ideas into the story and songs. You were so good at involving all the children, even those who are quite quiet in class usually."
Teacher from Holy Family Primary School, Leeds
"Important lessons about dealing with a problem and how we sometimes have to try really hard and think oif different ways. It allowed the childen to explore empathry."
Teacher from St Philip's Primary DSchool, Leeds