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Uncle Peter

Peter Gray has been with the company for seven years. He began as Uncle Peter, one of Charles' Browns uncles in The Princess Who Couldn't Play - and has been with us ever since.
Peter says: "I love working with kids - it makes me feel young..untill I get home and look in the mirror again."
Peter's many jobs with the company include wearing a bright tie, making the voice of the crow, faciliatating drama work with small groups, shifting props, dressing John, making tea and eating school dinners wherever we go. His favourite is rhubarb crumble with custard.
Before volunteering with Alive and Kicking, Peter worked for thirty years as a probation officer and for 15 years in Personnel Management. His is a keen member of drama groups across Yorkshire including Heydeys at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Swarthmore Drama Friends.  
Peter is currently working with Martin Riley to develop a new company project, working title; "The Games We Played, the Life We Led."