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Briacca Crowheart and The Lost Legion
It’s the year 122 and The Emperor Hadrian has come to Britain to build a wall. With him he brings the Victrix Legion to replace the Ninth Legion which has mysteriously vanished while on a mission to subdue the Briganti, a Celtic tribe whose territory includes what is now West Yorkshire. Boudicca may have been defeated but her spirit lives on in the person of Briacca Macha, warrior daughter of a Celtic Chief. So when her life is saved by a young Roman Auxilliary, Gaius Catturix, she has a difficult decision to make.
This dramatic interactive adventure for years 4,5 and 6 will enable a whole class, at all levels of ability and without any deep knowledge of the history, to live through an exciting episode in Roman Briton. They will experience Celtic and Roman daily life, food, clothes, medicine and entertainment and gain an understanding of the beliefs and traditions of Celts and Romans as they follow the adventures of these two young people who, despite family and tribal pressures, struggle to be true to themselves and find their own way forward.
In Briacca Crowheart and The Lost Legion the children make the crucial decisions and solve the problems.  It will promote confidence in communication skills, self-expression, literacy, problem solving and creative and interdependent learning as well as an understanding of issues around transition and self realisation and finding your own values in a conflicted and warring society.
Crossing the Border! At the end of this exciting adventure Gaius and Briacca take a step into the unknown and their lives depend on the judgement of others. We will be offering an extra one hour twilight session, hosted by Alive & Kicking, in which parents can join with their children in deciding their fate.