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A Genie Comes To School

An adventure with Abdul Ahktar, aka Luke Dickson, a genuine Genie only just released from a box that has drifted across the seas for a thousand years.
Abdul has a story to tell, magic tricks to reveal, and a lot to learn about living in the twenty-first century. Throughout Winter and Spring 2017 he will be visiting some of the youngest children in primary schools in the North where he will invite everyone to take part in a retelling of his adventures, to witness his amazing magical moments, and to help him to understand something about living in modern times.
But this is a Genie who can’t count, can’t read and can’t remember how to behave on important occasions so it’s time for the children to put on the “mantle of the expert” and teach Abdul a few tricks of their own!  This will be a learning adventure for everyone. 
It could be an adventure for you!
Find out more by ringing 07984 540617 or emailing info@aliveandkickingtheatrecompany.co.uk
..... "I was so impressed. He absolutely captivated our year 1 students and I really enjoyed his performance."
Kimberley Lyon, teacher at Hunslet Carr Primary School