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Granny's Underground Garden

Age group – Years 3 and 4
No of children – One class
Length of project – Two full days visit from the company over one week.
Granny’s Underground Garden is inspired by the dreams of all the children who have ever dug a hole in the back garden. A fantastical adventure which follows two children on a journey to rescue their Granny from an underground world. The “Granny” in this tale is a link, not only between generations, but between the world of two very twenty first century children and the timeless and ancient world of the imagination that lies, surprisingly, in Granny’s Underground Garden. Literacy is at the very heart of the project.
Together we develop characters and invent and write stories of our own.
Two full days of live action, role-play, persuasion and team work.
The project is aimed at
• getting inside of a story to experience it from different viewpoints
• exciting and inspiring children to use language and put pen to paper
• encouraging problem-solving and developing team work
• placing drama at the centre of the curriculum It includes a two full day visits from the company and a full resource pack.
Granny’s Underground Garden totally captured the childrens’ imaginations. The follow up literacy work I did with them just flew off their tongues… This is one of those experiences that our children will always remember from primary school’ Simon Clarkson, Year 5 teacher, Stanningley Primary School
‘Granny’s Underground Garden inspired my children to want to write their own stories – which they have been doing ever since.’ Heather Taylor, Year 3 Teacher, Clapgate Primary School.
To book Granny's Underground Garden please use the Booking Form on this site or call John Mee on 0113 265 8631.