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Keep Christmas Cracking! Looking forward to Christmas 21!

Santa and Tricksy Pixie are on a spontaneous lightning sleigh ride tour to make sure that the Christmas spirit is alive and Christmas is going to happen come what may.
There will be comedy and tricks, interactive excitement and surprises! 
The focus, however, is firmly on everyone, children, teaching staff and families, helping Santa and Tricksy make it a Cracking Christmas
A quality Christmas Entertainment for all the children. 
Live in school there will be a number of interactive performances of approximately 30-40 minutes each. Depending on circumstances we could offer two in the morning for the older children and one for KS1 in the afternoon.
This will enable some social distancing if required and the details can be worked out in advance to suit each school. Knowing the pressures involved we have planned for a no-worry, minimal get-in. There is no special staging and no lights or effects to set up in advance. All our gear will be in Santa’s sack and Tricksy Pixy’s box of tricks which we will carry with us. We are also planning for visits to individual classes if larger groups are not possible. 
Our online version will be interactive and suitable for individual classes. There will be comedy and tricks, interactive excitement and surprises! (Is that a dragon or a goblin in the sack?).
There’ll be fun and games and keeping spirits up, but not without touching on anxiety and loss as we hear tales of Lockdown in Lapland. Tricksy has fought off boredom by tormenting the grumpy elves, with hilarious results, but there’s no doubt Santa is in the “vulnerable” group
For more information please contact John Mee at Alive & Kicking
0113 295 8190 and 07775 782603