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The Seven Hunters - booking now

This dynamic new drama project is aimed at Years 5 and 6 in a one-visit or two-visit version.
The Seven Hunters is an interactive drama involving the in-depth exploration of a real-life tragedy – the mysterious disappearance in December 1900 of a team of three lighthouse keepers from Flannan Isle in the Outer Hebrides. 
The Seven Hunters addresses many areas of the curriculum and will enable children to develop a wide range of personal, social and literacy skills that help prepare them for the higher level of learning, broader curriculum and greater independence that will be required of them when they move to secondary school.
The Seven Hunters will
Enliven imagination, story making and storytelling 
Create a setting and characters for every child in the class to engage with and bring to life
Investigate points of action in which the children will encounter speculation, conjecture and rumour
Inspire spoken and written language as varied as that needed in:
A Meeting in the Great Hall of The Northern Lighthouse Board
A Storm out in The Atlantic
Signals sent by hoisted flags
Letters home
The ancient stories from beneath the seas
Instructions to a new Lighthouse Keeper
A long serving Lighthouse Keeper’s diary entry
Recipes for cooking fish in as many different ways as possible
Words and ways of saying goodbye before leaving the family for duty on the islands
Announcements of tragedy
The signing of contracts
Words of persuasion, creating courage, facing fear and celebrating victory
Jessica Beverley Year 6 teacher and English leader at Adel Primary School, Leeds writes: “Once again, thank you so much for your splendid visit this morning …… the children very much enjoyed it and I think it would be a great session for you to run with other schools. From my perspective as English leader, there were definitely lots of opportunities for writing. Thank you again for your visit. It's refreshed my mind with drama and has got me thinking about some new ideas.”